Biomarker for lipoedema

Dr. Stanely Rockson, a foremost cardiologist, a champion for lymphatic disorders and researcher has published new research that identifies the first biomarker for lipoedema - one that links lipoedema to the other lymphatic diseases, including lymphedema

This means there is now a diagnostic test that can be performed for lipoedema.

Platelet factor 4 is a biomarker for lymphatic-promoted disorders.

Wanshu Ma, Hyea Jin Gil, Noelia Escobedo,Alberto Benito-Martín, Pilar Ximénez-Embún, Javier Muñoz, Héctor Peinado, Stanley G. Rockson and Guillermo Oliver

First published June 11, 2020

Lipoedema UK Health & Wellbeing Community - A Membership Benefit

Lipoedema UK are excited to offer online sessions – places are limited, for members only, and you will need to book on to reserve your place. 

The first session launches on Thursday 6th August and will continue weekly at the same time, for three months. Initially members will be able to book on the August and September sessions. Booking for the remaining sessions to follow at a later date.

The aims of the programme are to provide a combination of various health and well-being topics, presentations and exercises, specifically for the benefit of our members. 

We will be having a regular monthly Nurse Q and A session, but otherwise all information shared is for general interest and personal consideration.

We hope this will be an opportunity for all to come together as a community, without judgement. This will be a space where we can feel safe, understood, freedom to participate if you choose to.

We are confident our programme will result in an increase in our knowledge, it will update us on related issues and enable us all to enhance our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing living our lives with Lipoedema.


The sessions will be delivered on the Zoom platform (you will be sent all the relevant information on how to use zoom if you sign up to a session/sessions). 

You will be able to sign in from 12:15, in readiness for a prompt start at 12:30. Conclusion at 13:15hrs.

Our launch session will include introductions and an explanation of the programme by Sandra, together with a bite size health and well-being activity. There will be a presentation on various health and well being topics on the first Thursday of every month thereafter.  

The third session each month will provide an opportunity for one of our Nurses to answer member questions, regarding the health implications and management of living with Lipoedema. There may also be presentations from other medical professionals on topical Lipoedema health related information.

The remaining sessions each month will be focussed on a physical exercise and/ or a health and well-being activity.

As this is an exciting and new initiative, we will be inviting you to complete a questionnaire on completion of the first eight sessions to assess your thoughts about the programme and hopefully some ideas and suggestions as to what you would like us to include in future sessions, to be able to meet your expectations as best we can. This is OUR health and well-being community and your constructive feedback is welcomed.


To Book on all or any of the first eight sessions please click below.

You will receive email instructions on how to prepare for a session and useful tips on using "ZOOM". You will need to agree to abide by our community rules which will also be made available to you should you wish to book.

Lipoedema UK Members Only


Complimentary online access to summer 2020 issue of Pathways Magazine.

The Canadian Lymphedema Framework is providing a one-time complimentary online access to its summer 2020 issue of Pathways Magazine. This issue has valuable information as well as personal COVID-19 stories that will help people connect during this time of uncertainty. In addition, two feature articles – ‘The Bidirectional Interaction between Obesity and Lymphatic Injury’ by Dr Babak Mehrara and Dr George Kokosis and ‘Reading Evidence Reviews During COVID-19 and Beyond’ by Dr Rhian Noble-Jones – will be of interest to both patients and health professionals. Enjoy your reading!


ILF Webinars

The ILF is proud to present a new series of webinars on lymphoedema-related topics. The webinars will focus on selected ILF key topics, such as genital lymphoedema, children with lymphoedema, outcome measures, LIMPRINT and lipoedema. The topics will be presented by members of the ILF Board of Directors and other international lymphoedema experts.

The first webinar on Problem-solving in complex chronic oedema: The case of compression will be presented by Professor Christine Moffatt, CBE, UK, and RN Susan Noerregaard, DK, in September 2020.

Dates and programme will soon be available at

LNNI welcome new BLS Factsheets

LNNI are pleased to support the work of the BLS and the production of the latest Factsheets. These can be found in either the ‘patient resource’ or ‘ Health care Professional Resource’ sections, and are short summaries to support care and development.

Educational Opportunities for Lymphoedema Assistants (LA) and Lymphoedema Assistant Practitioners (LAP)

Who has a predisposition to lymphoedema and why?

Lymph Facts - Understanding and managing Lymphorrhoea in the community

Lymph Facts - Activity and Exercise

Why it is important to keep activity when you have oedema or lymphoedema


Chronic Oedema & Lymphoedema Free Online Course

Event date: 

20 Jul 2020 to 27 Jul 2020



University of Glasgow


Type of event: 


Back due to popular demand:

Free Introductory online course for chronic oedema and lymphoedema. Ideal for health professionals managing patients swollen legs in community, hospital or nursing home.
CPD certificate for the equivalent of 6 study hours. 

Study for around an hour every day for 1 week at a time to suit you.
Available from Monday 20th - 27th July.   

Register by 14th July for your free entry code sends e-mail)

Royal College of GPs provides free access to lipoedema e-learning course up to 30th June 2020

NI Direct Government general Covid 19 support and information

General advice for Northern Ireland relating to Covid-19 can be accessed below:

Rehabilitation guidance to help recovery for those who have had Covid 19

‘LNNI are very keen to help support anyone who has had Covid 19,  and recommends the following information site for holistic advice and guidance to aid short and long term recovery. It has been designed by an NHS facility and has both photos and videos to help.

New World Health Organisation support for keeping active and eating tips during Covid Self-isolation

The World Health Organisation recognises the importance of trying to be active and to think about how we get and cook food during periods of self-isolation. They have published some guidance to help everyone, and this can be accessed from the following links:

World Health Organisation: Staying Physically Active During Isolation -

World Health Organisation Food and eating Tips During Isolation -

Food and Nutrition Tips during Self Isolation (includes @best food buys’ and recipes) -