About LNNI

Aims & Objectives

The Lymphoedema Network Northern Ireland will actively develop and promote:

  • The profile of lymphoedema (prevention and management) including lobbying within all care sectors
  • High standards of locally available lymphoedema management for all patients with lymphoedema and those deemed to be “at risk” of developing it
  • Support for the individual trusts in the development of local equitable services across Northern Ireland
  • Lymphoedema prevention/screening: for “at risk” patient groups to increase early diagnosis and immediate service access, promote prevention/patient self care and knowledge of regional services and ultimately reduce prevalence rates
  • Lymphoedema management: informing and influencing health policy, models of service delivery (in line with the CREST Lymphoedema Guideline 2008) and education (both uni and multi-professional at generalist and specialist levels) across all care sectors.
The Network will aim to increase the identification of all “lymphoedema at risk” patients and patients with lymphoedema by providing regional educational and screening programmes, providing timely appropriate information for all service users and will provide equitable access to holistic service provision (highly qualified and resourced).