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© LNNI Healthcare Professional Calculator App

This App was created in partnership with the Ulster University in recognition of the lack of consistency in calculator models and availability of remote access. 

It is designed for healthcare professionals to:

  • ensure regional practice is supported by a consistent limb volume and Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation format
  • have available access to calculations by PC, phone or tablet
  • reduce the cost of purchasing and up-keep of current limb volume calculators/software

A set of guidelines has been developed to support initial use. Download the guidelines here. Please note that HSCNI/NHS users may not be able to download this file at work due to security restrictions, so please do so from a home computer. Instructions on adding the APK file to your Anroid mobile/tablet device can be found here.

Download the app APK file.

This App was developed in 2019 by the Lymphoedema Network Northern Ireland (LNNI), in partnership with the Ulster University, and is legal property of LNNI. Copyright LNNI 2019.

© LymEx App – support for those with lymphoedema

Accessed from the Google Play and Apple App Store (free)

LymEx has been created by someone with lymphoedema to help others with this condition.

Patient information leaflets developed by the Lymphoedema Network Northern Ireland (LNNI) have been re-created in an e-format to be freely available via all tablets and phones.

The App includes guidance on:

  • The 4 key messages to support self-care
  • Skin and nail care
  • Simple lymph drainage (arm, leg and head & Neck)
  • Garment use and care
  • Exercises to encourage good lymph flow (arm and leg)

Copyright LNNI 2019.

© LNNI Calculator Excel Spreadsheet

As a pre-cursor to app development the equation used to calculate limb volume and BMI was embedded into an excel spreadsheet. Clinicians can record limb circumference measurements and calculate limb volumes and BMI utilising this spreadsheet. Again this:

  • supports consistent limb volume and Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation format
  • provides access to calculations by PC
  • reduces the cost of purchasing and up-keep of current limb volume calculators/software

Download a copy of this spreadsheet here.

Copyright LNNI 2019.


UK NHS Lymphoedema Network Wales specialists and patients have created this collection of 13 short films to help you understand and manage your lymphoedema. However, if you have any concerns or worries about your health you should of course contact your healthcare professional for advice.

The videos are informative and practical, aimed at giving information directly to those living with lymphoedema, they also include first-hand experiences from people living with the condition.

The videos can be viewed at

If you have been diagnosed with lymphoedema the following videos may be particularly useful to help you keep things managed as well as possible.

  • Skin care
  • Exercise class lower limbs
  • Exercise class upper limbs
  • Simple Lymph Drainage (SLD) lower limbs
  • Simple Lymph Drainage upper (SLD) limbs
  • Compression garments
The BLS have produced 4 Get Active Videos with the Team Undefeatable Instructors - including 2 Get Dancing videos with dance teacher Katie Mason & 2 Get Moving videos with football coach Stuart Langworthy. Click here to access the videos.

Free online training

The Lymphoedema Support Network have launched a free module ‘Clinical Pointers: managing lymphoedema and chronic oedema in primary care’.

This is aimed at GPs, GP trainees, medical students and all other HCPs.

Managing patients with chronic oedema/lymphoedema can be challenging. Diagnosis, facilitating self-management, identifying and managing complications, and even finding the right compression garment on prescription software, can all present significant demands in the primary care setting. In this second of two modules, leading experts help to clarify some of the key aspects relevant to understanding, assessing, and managing chronic oedema/lymphoedema in primary care.

This free education module from the BMJ and Lymphoedema Support Network partnership can be found at: